Channeling Erik, Spirit Guides, Dachshunds and Words of Wisdom

I consider myself a pretty honest person.  I have generally been an open book about much of my life, and yet lately, talking about what I believe in, I find so difficult.  Sharing some of the things I have recently on Facebook have left me feeling a little naked and exposed.  I can imagine some of my more religious friends gasping and disapproving.  Because it makes me feel uncomfortable to share this part of my life openly, I know I need to share it far and wide.  I need to leap off the cliff and trust that everything is going to be okay.

My spiritual journey has continued and taken me in all kinds of interesting directions. One of those directions is to a website I instantly fell in love with.  Channeling Erik is filled with so many words of wisdom.

Erik, who is no longer confined by the restrictions of a human body, imparts wisdom on such an accessible level.  I understand what he is saying.  He doesn’t talk in riddles or in a way that is so far above the average mind.  I don’t have to read what he says 20 times to understand what he is saying.  There aren’t 50 different interpretations for what he says.  And to top it off, he is so funny!  I love his humor.  I love his raw honesty.  I love him.

Elisa Medhus M.D. hosts a conference call with the Channeling Erik medium extraordinaire, Jamie Butler, every month.  Jamie Butler is such a gifted medium.  Her energy is beautiful, bubbly, light and genuine.  When I watched this video, I fell in love with her and her extraordinary talent:


 I have been working on trying to have more direct communication with my spirit guides and I had someone very dear to me I desperately wanted to be given a voice so I could hear them.  It was those reasons I decided that I wanted to get in on one of the conference calls.  When I clicked the final purchase button I was flooded with nervousness and excitement.  I would think about it and get butterflies.

On the day of the conference call I almost missed the call as in my mind I was supposed to call in at 11:10 Pacific time.  The call was scheduled for 1:10pm Eastern time.  Apparently I am not very good with time conversion.  At the very moment that I needed to call in, my husband looked at the sheet of paper I had printed out with the information and informed me that 1:10pm was RIGHT NOW for us.  Admittedly, I am not good with numbers. Hahaha  I scrambled to get in on the call.  My heart was racing and I thought I would literally pass out.  I just kept thinking, “Pick me last! Pick me last!”  Most people want to go first, but I wanted time to be able to calm myself before I had to talk.  I know Elisa, Jamie and Erik are just “people”, but I felt a little like I was going to meet my favorite band for the first time back stage.

Jamie called my initials (I wasn’t last, but at least I wasn’t first either), “O.K.” and said that Erik was making a crack about OK and Oklahoma.  I was like a deer in headlights and didn’t laugh as I might normally.  It was like my mind had left me.  I mentioned that I would like to know if there was anyone over there who wanted to talk to me.  She asked if there was anyone specific I would like to talk to.  I said, “Yes, my dog Phoenix.”  I’m pretty sure most people coming to talk to dead people want to talk to human people, but the love of my life was a canine person.  That is who I wanted desperately to hear from.

Phoenix (bottom) and Emily (top)

To be honest, I only remember fragments of what was said.  It is all a bit of a blur.  When the link to the recording is up, I will link it here.  What I do remember is that Jamie said that Phoenix was saying, “I want to come back! I want to come back!”  Oh how that warmed my heart because I so want her to come back to me as well.  Jamie said Phoenix and I shared a really intense love, which is so true.  Phoenix and I went through so much together.  It was hard at times, but we loved each other totally and completely through all of her 14 years in her little body.

I asked about who my guides were and discovered that my maternal grandfather was with me as well as a great aunt.  At the time I said, “Uh huh” and drew a complete blank.  My grandfather died from a stroke in May 1985 when I was a teenager.  

 After having time to get my brain back, I remembered that my grandmother’s sisters were fraternal twin sisters, Roseva and Ramona. I suspect the great aunt with me is my Aunt Rosie.  I didn’t know her well, but remember her fondly from when she came to visit when I was about 4-years-old.  My love for coffee started then.  The only time coffee was ever made at our house was when Aunt Rosie came to visit.  I remember thinking how wonderful that perked coffee smelled and asked if I could have some too.  My mom told me she didn’t think I would like it.  I told her I thought I would.  The people who know me well know how much I LOVE coffee. 🙂

I cannot tell you how touched and overwhelmed with joy and love to know that my Grandfather and Great Aunt have been with me all this time trying to help me along the way.  All this time and I was completely oblivious to their presence.  I am so blessed and so grateful to know they are with me and love me so much.

I asked about my 4-year-old daughter and it was confirmed that she was remembering and not just making up stories.  She remembers being an astronaut.  She remembers being a whale.  She remembers being a mermaid (even though Erik says mermaids don’t exist here on Earth…lol).  Perhaps part of the mermaid tales are her remembering being a whale.  It would be interesting to know more specifics about her past lives and maybe I will try to find out more in a private session with Jamie.

I was told that I am an empath.  I previously suspected this as I really dislike big crowds of people.  It makes me feel really anxious and uneasy to be in huge crowds of people.  I think what surprised me most was being told how much I love people.  I guess I didn’t really think I did. lol  In fact there are times I thought I despised people in general.  Hahaha But Jamie is completely right about me loving to know people’s stories.  I look at strangers and I wonder about their stories and how they got to the place they are now.  Everyone has a story.  And it is true that I have been told I am very perceptive.  Jamie said I can know what people are feeling even if they aren’t completely aware of what they are feeling.  I have always thought of it as just picking up on their body language, but I guess there is actually a lot more to it than that.

I was told that I would eventually be very successful as a healer.  I can’t remember what kind of healer and will have to listen to the call again to find out.  She said that it will take off in about 4 years.  Upon starting this journey of wanting to be more connected with Spirit, I have said that whatever happens, I want to do something good to help people.  I want to help heal humanity.  Becoming a healer is definitely not far fetched for me.

I asked about the identity of a different spirit guide I suspected I have and have been getting a lot of signs from lately.  I feel like I know his identity, that this was confirmed in all the signs I have been given.  When I asked for confirmation from Erik, he refused to tell me.  He said I needed to start trusting myself.  It is true.  I really do and I know I shouldn’t doubt and second guess myself, but I always do.  If I go with what I feel, I know what is true and I already know the identity of this spirit guide.  He is who led me to the Channeling Erik site in the first place.  And maybe I will do a separate blog entry all about him for my next post.

I believe death is just a transformation.  It is not the end.  I was taught to fear all the things I was drawn to (all things metaphysical), but I will not let religion and society make me continue to fear something that I feel in my heart to be completely natural.  I talk to spirits.  I can’t hear them yet, but I still talk to them.  I welcome their silly antics to get my attention.  I know in my heart they are around us all the time.  Communicating with them is not “of the devil”.  It is natural and normal.  We are meant to be able to connect and communicate with those who have transitioned.  What isn’t normal is this division we have created.  We have cut ourselves off; shut our eyes and ears to those we love the most…to those who love us in return so fervently…simply because they have transitioned to what we all eventually will become. 

The time has come for this to change.  We don’t have to forget and move on when someone transitions.  We can still have a beautiful and joyful relationship with them.  They want to continue to have a relationship with us too, but we have to be open enough to receive this interaction.


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