Spirit Visitations in Dreams

Have you ever been visited by a spirit in your dreams?  Visitations are very different from ordinary dreams.  They are very vivid.
Here is a great list to help you figure out if you have had a spirit visitation rather than an ordinary dream.  The website this list came from be found at is linked below.  She also has other great information on her site.  If I lived in her area, I would be attending some of her classes about Life Between Lives.

8 characteristics of true visitation dreams

True “visitation dreams” are actually very easy to identify because they are very different than “everyday dreams.” Characteristics of most (but not all) visitation dreams include the following:

Characteristic #1:  The most important characteristic of a true visitation dream is that it feels “real.”  It will also be very vivid.

Characteristic #2:  If you have to ask whether the visitation dream was really a visitation dream, then it probably was NOT a visitation dream.  They are so real and vivid that you won’t have to ask this question.  When you do have a visitation dream, you may wonder if it was truly real; but in your heart or gut, you will “know” it was real.

Characteristic #3:  Because they are so real and so vivid, you will remember visitation dreams very clearly for days, months, years . . . probably for your entire lifetime!

Characteristic #4:  The person (or animal) will almost always appear in the dream to be completely healthy and behaving in a loving manner.  They will rarely appear sick or injured.  They will never be angry, disappointed, depressed, or punishing.  They will be “whole, complete, and perfect” because they are now reconnected with God/Source energy.

Characteristic #5:Whether or not they speak to you verbally in the dream, they will communicate very clearly.  (NOTE:  As you’ll see in the next two examples, in neither of the dreams did actual verbal communication occur; the messages were conveyed telepathically and were completely clear.)

Characteristic #6:  When they do communicate (either verbally or non-verbally), it isn’t because they want to engage in idle “chit-chat.”  It isn’t easy for deceased loves ones to enter a dream.  They come with a purpose, and they will convey the message and then be gone.

Characteristic #7:  Most often, their messages fall into the category of “reassurance.”  They come to let you know that they are fine and that they want you to be happy.  Occasionally, they will come with a warning; however, when giving a warning, they will give you loving support and you will feel reassured by their presence.

Characteristic #8:  After a visitation dream, when you wake up, you will often be filled with a sense of peace and love.

My Recent Firsthand Experience with Spirit Visitation Dreams

I have this friend, Jennifer, who has a spirit problem.  He is someone from a traumatic past life and he doesn’t want to let her go.  At the time, she was still putting the pieces together about him.  On a regular basis he would terrorize her, but not always.  They had a love-hate relationship.  Sometimes he would pull her close and other times he would give her nightmares.  I will leave the details of her story of her to tell should she ever feel like she wants to.  What I am relaying is my own personal experience with “Alex” the spirit.
My friend and I had been talking about him and she wanted me to read a dream journal entry, but said she had vowed to “Alex” no one would ever see what she had written.  I was hesitant to read it given what she said.  It sat there open on my screen for 20 minutes or longer before I threw caution to the wind and read.  My concern was that “Alex” would come haunt my ass and give me nightmares.  I am a wimp when it comes to nightmares.  I read the dream entries and nothing started flying around the room, so I thought I was cool.

I went to bed and dreamed an incredibly vivid dream that was so unlike my normal dreams.  It took my breath away.
Here is the conversation Jennifer and I had about it the morning after on June 3, 2013:

Me: What does Alex look like? Can you describe him?

I think he might have been in my dream.

Jennifer: He has dark brown or black hair, full and thick. Kinda curls out from his ears. He’s about 6’1″. Wears darker clothes. Recently has had stubble on his chin and upper lip. Also have seen him with leather bracelets on his wrists. Brown eyes, very intense glare. His physique is like buff but not very muscular.

Me: I think I might have dreamed about him

Jennifer: :O What happened?
Me: it was weird. I can’t remember anything other than being on some patio, looking out at a beautiful landscape. it was a mix of Arizona reds of rocks and then a bit of green on the lawn. maybe it was a park. it was so vivid. I don’t usually see bright beautiful colors in my dreams

This photo was found on this site.

Jennifer: I looove vivid dreams.
Me: and there was this guy sitting beside me and he is talking about sex and doing yoga positions during sex and someone else was saying how awesome it was and he was suggesting that he show me

Jennifer: Oh god.
Me: he was dark haired, dark-eyed , attractive…kind of looked like Billy Crudup. And I was thinking. I can’t have sex with you, you are my cousin. lol but I was tempted

Jennifer: Cousin? lol
Me: Yeah I know. all the people there were supposedly related to me…first cousins. Of course they didn’t look like any cousin I had ever met in real life

Jennifer: What made you perceive him to be Alex other than his looks?

Me: If I hadn’t woken suddenly, I might have gone for it. lmao

Because I was hesitant to read what you wrote

because I thought he might come fuck with me just for the fun of it
Well my subconscious was telling me I couldn’t have sex with him because he was my cousin.

Me: lol Funny enough it was the landscape that was just so amazing. My dreams are usually pretty dark…like they are usually taking place at night

Jennifer: I do think he is from the west somewhere.

Me: oh. Interesting. I have never been to Arizona or New Mexico

Jennifer: He likes the woods though, so I’m not sure if it correlates with where he lives or if he just misses the trees.

Me: there weren’t trees.  it was rocks…beautiful red rocks and then green grass at the lower elevation

Jennifer did a conference call with medium Jamie Butler and confirmed that Alex had, indeed, visited her friends in their dreams.  I have not seen him since.

Spirit Visitation Number Two

Erik Medhus is a spirit I have come to know through theChanneling Erik blog.  I became very involved in the community but up until a few days ago, I had never had an “Erik” dream.  Lots of blog members talk about their Erik dreams and visitations.  I felt a little like the red-headed-step child that no one wanted or loved.  I was happy for others and was happy to hear about their encounters, but was a little sad and jealous that I hadn’t had any of my own.  My own daughter has had encounters with Erik calling her name when she is wide awake. I decided he must hate me.

September 9, 2013 Dream Journal Entry
I didn’t sleep very well last night because of dogs and kid being in the way and when I did wake a little, all of this kundalini, ascension, light body activation, merkaba, twin flame stuff was rattling around in my head…how they are all exactly the same thing.  People are calling it by different names, but it is all the same.  I would sleep for a little while, rouse a bit and think a little more about the awakening kundalini.  It was sometime in the early morning hours that a regular dream turned into some so much more.
I was having a dream where I was literally having to clean up poop. Inara had wiped her butt and put the poopy wipes on the wall and floor and it was everywhere. At the time Erik appeared I was cleaning dog poop off the deck with a stiff straw broom. Someone said something like “Are you ready to see this? Can you handle it? There is Erik!” and then all of a sudden this rectangular screen appears in my vision…you know the same rectangular shape we all see when we are looking at stuff online when we are looking at our phones…but it was in the sky.  At first I saw a wispy Casper like spirit shape with Erik’s face superimposed on the body.  It was the picture that Jennifer drew of Erik. 

I just watched and grinned and thought, “Oh my god, this is awesome!” The image changed and he was now a little boy, running jumping playing.  He stopped, looked at me, smiled really big and waved. 
Erik is on the left in red. This is what he looked like in part of the dream
I waved back with a huge grin on my face.  It was as if I was watching an old home movie on a projector.  That lasted a few seconds and then suddenly the projection ended and he was there in the room with me and I was so happy.  He didn’t look like the Erik we all know and love but accepted that it was HIM.  His energy felt amazing…beautiful even.  I felt so much love and warmth emanating from him. He took my hand and I actually remember thinking that I shouldn’t be able to do this….I shouldn’t be able to touch him like this but it felt so real!  He was really tall (almost Lord of the Rings elf-like) and for some reason we were looking in my closet for something to wear and I was saying something about how I am pretty average in height. He had said he thought I was about Ann Magnuson’s size. I agreed that she was probably average…5’4″ like me.  And then we walked down a hall to a room. It seemed like Austin’s room (the eldest from my nanny family). He was sleeping on the bed and as we went to the room all the drawers of the dresser were out and I giggled and thought of a scene from The Sixth Sense and said in my head, “I see dead people.” I closed the drawers.  At one point I hugged him and thought, “I know I shouldn’t, but I want to” and I kissed him right on the mouth. Then I think he was relaying some story of his life and a man I identified as his dad came in the room and asked if Erik was talking to me and asked me to tell him what he was saying to me.  It was at that point I started to wake up.  As I woke I laid there for a minute remembering. My heart was beating quickly and the excitement I felt in the dream carried over into my physical body. And you know what? Erik was really sweet and it felt like he was pleased that I wasn’t freaking out about seeing him. I sensed that he was pleased by my reaction. It was so fucking awesome and I am giggling like a school girl!! This was different. This was like when Jennifer’s spirit friend, Alex, came to visit me. It was vivid and felt real. Thank you, Erik! If I see you in person in my waking state,  I won’t freak out…I promise.  

The Message

I think the message that Erik was relaying was that I need to get ready because I am about to see and hear things others can’t until they open themselves.  He was saying “get ready because it is about to happen!”  I am super ready and very excited about the changes I am making internally.  My next blog post will be about my awakening Kundalini symptoms.


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