Death and Rebirth

Hunt and Gather – Tom Bagshaw
Where did that person go
The person I used to be
Once so full of feeling
Am I just a product of society
Where did that person go
Is this empty shell really me
Can I find what I lost
Am I just a product of society

By Oktobre Taylor
Written January 22, 1990


Somewhere beyond the rainbow
Lies forever
Somewhere beyond your knowledge
Is your soul
Someday you will find what it is
You’re looking for
Someday you’ll understand what it is
You need to know

The Sun is our Father
The Moon is our Mother
Love is our Sister
Love is our Brother

We all ask a question
We all have an answer
This is what the world is
This is what our life is

Somewhere beyond poverty 
Lies happiness
Somewhere beyond a cold surface
Is your heart
Someday you’ll find in the darkness
A reason
Someday amidst the confusion
We’ll find each other

Somewhere beyond the pain

Lies heaven
Somewhere beyond despair 
Lies hope
Someday soon a new beginning
Will greet you
Someday soon you’ll remember
Who you really are

By Oktobre Taylor
Written April 4, 1987

Author’s notes: I want to dedicate this blog post to Deryck Whibley.  Until May 16th, 2014 I had no idea who he was.  That was when my spirit guides brought him to my attention.  He might never see this but I felt important to let him know that new beginnings are a gift.
Dear Deryck,

You have been through such a difficult low in your life recently, but now it is time to restart your life as you were a completely new and different person…start over…start fresh and start anew.  Look at this experience as a gift and choose a new path that the Universe has presented to you.  Get back on your horse and ride, my friend.  Everything is going to be okay.  Love and light to you and all who love you.



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