Tree of Hope

Tree of Hope – Shawna Erback

Tree of Hope 

She cried softy on the hill
Beneath an old tree with dignity
All alone on her knees, tear drops falling to the ground
To the wind, full of feeling, life giving, with earth they blend
Old tree stood still and silent for all his years
But awakened when he took a drink of innocent tears
He moaned relief as limbs stretched and roots rumbled
For on this day, chains released, barriers crumbled
“Thank you,” he said gently in his tree voice
A single green leaf touched the face that was so moist
“Why do you cry?” he asked aloud with great concern
“The world, dear Tree, has forgotten love. For blood they yearn.
I fear I’m losing the will and the strength to keep going on.”
“It’s hard,” he started, “I agree, but look beyond.
Remove your eyes from this world’s decline and mountain slope.
Look always up at the endless sky. There you will find hope.
Child, you’re not alone with your feelings of sorrow and dismay.
Look always to the sky, something new is on the way.
You have been chosen to tell the world a new age is near.
I know this is so because you gave to me life with your tears.
You are tied to me now and forever with an invisible rope.
Go now, walk the path and remember I am the Tree of Hope.

Written by Oktobre Taylor
October 27, 1990


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