Twin Souls

If anyone knows the artist of this piece, please comment so I can give credit.

Twin Souls 

When we were light
We were as one
It was before our time
Memory? There is none
Purple was separated
To make red and blue
Blue was sent forth
To give life to you
Sent to another place
Red gave life to me
Twin souls separated
What will be, will be
Surrounded by many
Yet still all alone
Lost in this vast world
Each path all our own
Twin souls searching
For what, they don’t know
The sun sets and rises
The wind continues to blow
The obstacle of distance
Won’t keep us apart
A feeling we’ve followed
A feeling in the heart
With the gods as my guide
I found you, my twin
Our colors given the chance
To once again blend
Let’s join as one color
Let a united light shine
Together we can conquer
Every mountain we climb

Written November 12, 1989

Author’s notes: I wrote this many years ago.  I wrote it because of a sense I felt…a yearning to connect with someone I knew in my heart was out there somewhere.  While I no longer believe in the sense of twin souls/flames the way some do (two halves of a whole), I believe that there are people out there that are primary soul mates who we live life time after life time with.  There are special souls we are an energetic match to and sometimes they find each other and share a magnificent love…the kind of love people dream of.


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