The Mist is Clearing

Artist Francois Fressinier

The Mist is Clearing
I’m lying here in your arms
But I feel so far away
What are we doing wrong
Should I go or should I stay

They say it will work out
I really want to believe
But I have so many doubts
I know I’ll probably leave

I’ve always thought

It takes two to make it work
You think I can be bought
I can tell by your smirk

You say you love me
I say I care
The two aren’t the same
It’s left in the air

My eyes were foggy
But the mist is clearing
It is time for a change
The end of us is nearing
Written May 14, 1985
By Oktobre Taylor
Author’s notes: It is funny reading some of my old poems I haven’t looked at in years. I was only 16 when I wrote this and didn’t know shit about relationships because I had never had one at that point.  In fact, my first long term relationship wasn’t until I was 34 and got married.  I think I was tapping into my subconscious and she was saying RUN from relationships, run fast and run hard. lol  It took me a long time to figure out that I was commitment phobic.  This poem could have been written for my life now as I leave my marriage.

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