I AM….

I AM fierce.
I AM brave.
I AM a warrior.
I AM creator.
I AM Goddess in all of my divine power.
I AM the crash of the waves that pummel the cliffs into sand.
I AM the lightning that strikes with force.
I AM the wind violently swirling taking out everything that gets in my way.
I AM the hunter that takes her prey down with swift precision.
I AM beautiful.
I AM soft.
I AM love.
I AM compassion.
I AM the breath of the child who wishes while blowing a dandelion puff.
I AM the warmth of an embrace that melts away ice covering a heart.
I AM the horses that run wild and free.
I AM the rock that offers respite to the one floating and lost in the sea.

I AM the song that whispers and speaks to your soul.
I AM balance.
I AM the Universe.
I AM all there is.
Everything that is outside of me starts with in me.

Sometimes it feels like life sucker punches you and knocks the wind out of you.  What do you do in those circumstances?  Do you curl up in a ball, cry, and wish to die?  Sometimes I do.  Or do you look life in the face and say “Fuck you!  I will be victorious.”?  On a rare occasion this it what I feel…like right now.  Fuck you, life.  You will not bring me to my knees.  It makes me think of a line from the movie The Crow.  “Take your best shot, Funboy. You got me dead bang.”


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