Fear, Demons and The Boogie Man

Moment of Clarity – Tom Bagshaw

Okay…deep breath, Oktobre. Now go!

Fear. It isn’t a subject you would typically think is controversial but it is. I have had more heated discussions about fear than I have about abortions, gay rights, or vaccinations. People cling to their fear and don’t you dare try to take it from them.
Here is my truth as I know it. We are the creators of our individual realities and no two are exactly alike. Our thoughts and our beliefs create the projections we see on the screen we call our lives. If you believe in dark entities and demons and shadow people that are out to get you, guess what? You just created it with your thoughts and beliefs. You lent your energy to that creation. So if something is coming up to you and going “Boo!” and scaring your ass, chances are pretty good you created it yourself with our own thoughts. If not your very own creations then certainly you have offered someone else’s creation access to you by saying there is a big bad boogie man and they are out to get you. The universe complies and offers you what you believe so you can say “see, people are out to get me.”

Some fear is logical and is meant to save the physical vehicle from certain demise. It is built into the human vehicle. Other types of fear we choose. I have a fear of singing in front of people. That is entirely my creation. I have to make a choice to say that that particular fear has no power over me.  I have to change my thoughts. People who fear demons can choose to simply change their beliefs and say that they don’t exist and they suddenly vanish in your reality. It is really that simple.

When I come across people who think we have these big battles to fight with dark beings, governments, secret sinister groups that are trying to depopulate the world, I just have to roll my eyes. Hey that is great for their reality if that is what they want to believe, but personally I feel like the biggest impact you can make on the world is to simply change yourself….change your thoughts…change your beliefs. Fighting something and trying to annihilate it doesn’t usually work the way you think it will. When you try to kill off bad bacteria that makes you sick, you often take out a lot of good bacteria too and it throws your whole body out of whack. But if you boost the good bacteria in your system and eat good, healthy food, chances are pretty good that you won’t get sick in the first place. It is all about BALANCE.

If you find yourself faced with a dark being or shadow person, instead of fearing, stop and ask yourself how you are manifesting it. Perhaps all you need to do is offer it your love and acceptance and realize it really is just a part of you. We are always trying to banish our darker selves. Instead of banishing and fearing we need to try to understand and integrate so that we can create true balance within ourselves and our lives.

I’m not saying give into murderous feelings. Lol you might need therapy for that kind of dark side. I am saying the simpler dark stuff we can look at, acknowledge and accept as being part of who we are. Understand and examine your fears and then make a choice to change your thoughts.

I used to let fear rule my life. I was afraid of everything. My fears paralyzed me. And then one day I learned I had a choice and could simply change my thoughts. It was such liberating moment.

*stepping off my soap box*

Edited September 1, 2014
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