Artist – Elena Khmeleva

When I felt I had nothing left to live for
And that I just couldn’t go on
I’ve been lifted by the hand of a friend
To make me see I do belong
I used to think I was completely alone
Didn’t think anybody cared
But I was blessed with very special people
With me their love they shared

Some realistic people have told me
That dreams don’t come true
Yet some wonderful crazy dreamers
Showed me that they do
I was so scared of life, the hurt and the pain
Still I wanted to take a chance
I love them all and proudly call them friends
For they taught my heart to dance

You are more important to me
Than brief love affairs
You are so important to me
Answer to my prayers
You are more important to me
Than why a rainbow bends
You are so important to me
My dearest, dear friends

If I owned everything that is grand
To them I’d give it away
The only thing I can give right now
Is this poem I write today

Written February 6, 1987
By Oktobre Taylor

Author’s notes: It is funny how the happy, positive poems leave me feeling a little reluctant to share as they seem almost cheesy.  It is easy to bleed and show you my angst of years gone by, but to show you the bright points leaves me feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable, lol I guess that means I should share it.


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