December 18, 1999 Dream Journal Entry

December 18, 1999 Dream Journal Entry

I had an odd dream last night.  I can’t remember a lot of details but there was a guy and he showed up everywhere  I was.  I think he was in love with me or something like that.  I remember stairs….going up them to a room where I took a nap.  I went back down and there he was waiting for me.  He gave me a picture of himself and I told him I would keep it with me always.  I remember being flattered by his desire to be around me everywhere I was.  When I woke I was left with a feeling that the man in my dream was a spirit and that it was his way of coming through and telling me he was always with me.  I know it sounds really strange.  I just feel like there is “someone” with me.  I even felt like I should talk to him today but I didn’t.  Little odd things have happened like a tapping noise on the wicker coffee table and my can of air freshener in my car sprayed for no reason at all.  Nothing was rubbing the can that should have made it spray.  I’ve been expecting the unexpected and unexplainable.  I feel like if odd things were to happen, I wouldn’t be freaked out or scared at all.  So do I really have a male spirit with me?  I’m not sure but I have a feeling if there is, he wants me to know he is here.

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