Eternal Love

Eternal Love

The soft white snow falls
Like a blanket on the land
And it quickly melts away
When it floats into a hand

As I look out the picture window
I give a long deep sigh
Thoughts roll wildly through my mind
And silently I wonder why

Feelings that I can’t explain
Surge through my entire soul
My essence is an abstract park
Where confusion takes a stroll

In a city where I’ve never been
A warm familiar face I see
His smile is bright and cheerful
I know that smile is for me

If only he could always 
Be there to brighten my day
Yet I know I’ll have to go
Although I wish I could stay

A dream I’ve had for years
Is rooted deeply within
They say to get to the fruit
You have to go out on a limb

So that’s what I am doing now
On a fine line, I’m taking a chance
I’m looking towards a blue sky
I hope he will join in my dance.

Written January 22, 1987

By Oktobre Taylor

Author’s Notes:
  I have no recollection of writing this poem or who I could have been writing about.  lol  I guess he was pretty memorable.  Hahaha  Maybe I was channeling my future self for an event that has yet to take place.  That is my theory and I am sticking to it.

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