Red Hot Chili Peppers Encounters and More On Dreams

Photo By Mark Seliger – 1992

Years ago I dated someone briefly who is friends with the band, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I had moved to Portland, Oregon for the first time in June 1994 and didn’t really know anyone here. When Sky called and later visited, he was a familiar face that I welcomed. One particular weekend Sky was house sitting for Flea and he came to visit me briefly. That was the last weekend I talked to him until recently when we reconnected and reminisced about the past.


River Phoenix, Sky Phoenix and Samantha Mathis

Spirit/Human Romance - A Tale of Eternal Love

Me in 1994

Fast forward to my phone bill arriving and there was this California number that kept showing up on my bill and I knew it wasn’t my best friend’s number. I suspected it was my roommate’s calls, but I wasn’t sure. When I asked her, she said it wasn’t anyone she knew. I wasn’t convinced and decided to call the number to find out who was on the other end. I got an answering machine with the cutest message ever. I think it was both Flea and his little daughter, Clara, on the message which let me know immediately who had made the calls to this number. I was so tickled by the cute message that I called the number back to let my roommate hear it. She suddenly gets this freaked out look on her face and hands me the phone as though it were a hot potato. lol Flea had answered the phone that time and I was like, “Hi, this number showed up on my phone bill and I just wanted to find out who had made the call by finding out whose number this was.” I went on to reveal that I was in Portland, Oregon and Flea was hilarious. He completely lied and said he had never been to Portland, Oregon. He was in the movie My Own Private Idaho which was filmed in Portland, so I knew that was a bold faced lie. I said to him, “I’m not saying YOU were ever here. I am saying someone you know was here and was at my house and called your number and I am trying to find the appropriate person to charge for the calls.” I then said, “Okay, let me just ask you this. Do you know Sky?”  And he said he did. I said, “Okay, thanks!  Have a good day!” and hung up. My roommate and I laughed about it.

I have never dreamed about RHCP before, but night before last I had a dream that involved them. I would actually say it was closer to a nightmare because when I woke from it, my heart racing and I was relieved to be awake and not in the crazy ass dream. I will spare you the twisted details of the other parts and only share the bit that relates to RHCP:

So we are still in this apartment only now there is this big room attached that you take stairs down to get to. As it turns out, they hold events there and it looked like they were getting ready to hold an event. I see a little girl a little older than Inara running around and think she must be with the people that are part of the event. Inara, of course, makes a B-line for the girl and they start playing together. As it turns out, the event that is happening is the Red Hot Chili Peppers are doing a Q and A panel/meet and greet sort of thing. I see flea talking to his daughter who was playing with my daughter and I think, that is curious, he must have had a second daughter much later because I know Clara must be an adult by now. The crappy part was in order to get to this event, a lot of people were going through our apartment. There was our front door and then our back door was attached to this large room where the event was being held. I didn’t like all these people traipsing through and then some were lingering IN our apartment. At one point I saw high school aged kids dressed in costumes of fairy-tale characters. They were beautiful and elaborate costumes and I asked why they were dressed that way and one person said that they were going to a fairy-tale themed costume party. I saw more of them laughing and walking down through a shallow creek. And when the event ended, it got worse with people leaving through our place. I got really angry and physically showed people out the front door and locked it and then I tried locking the back door but people were pissed that they would have to go around and they actually tried to break the door open. I had a confrontation with one chick and basically threw her down the stairs. I closed a secondary door and bolted it shut and then I see a motorcycle rider driving and come up to obstacles my mom, I think, put in the road to keep them from passing through and he spins horribly out of control. He gets up but his arm is mangled and then because of his bike in the road more accidents occur and he gets hit by an oncoming car. Another motorcycle rider crashes and spills his bike. Chaos was ensuing and I think I mentioned to mom that they were going to be pissed about the obstacles she put in the road. And then I open a door and I think I am still in my apartment but it’s not. And there were all these people. And I was still trying to keep people out of my apartment and cursing at people and apparently one of the people I said something to was like the owner of the building and she says to me, “oh you are really going to regret saying that to me.” and that was when I looked around the room and was like, this isn’t my apartment, and thought, what is this place? It was beautiful. It looked expensive with stained glass and chandeliers and it seemed like there were crystals lining the walls. It seemed to be some kind of central operations place.

I did a search online to see if Flea really does have a second daughter who was close to Inara’s age and he DOES!!! Her name is Sunny and she was born in October 2005.  Inara was born in June 2008. And OMG the face I saw was actually Sunny’s face!!! I am floored. So strange.

I know what the bits about all the people was about….me pushing people away and putting obstacles in the path to prevent people from being in my personal space. lol  But the part where I actually see Flea’s real daughter who I knew nothing about until after searching online is very perplexing.  I have no idea what it means or why I would dream about RHCP or Flea’s young daughter.  I like the music of RHCP and saw them live back in the day before they were famous, but I am not the sort of person to know every single little detail about a band’s members.  I find it is far better to know less personal details about a band if you want to continue to appreciate their music. lol  I guess I will just have to wait and see if it becomes clear why I dreamed about Flea and Sunny.


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