This Little Light of Mine, I’m Going To Let It Shine

When I was a young girl, we would sing a little song in Sabbath school (we went to church on Saturday) called “This Little Light of Mine”. I’m sure lots of us growing up in religious households remember singing this song. I loved this little song and would happily sing it with the hand movements. I didn’t really understand what it meant then, but I think I finally understand what it means now.

I was gifted (thank you, Carol) a reading with Jeannie Barnes who communicates with your guardian angel. Lina, my guardian angel, suggested that I read the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. I ordered the book and got through it fairly quickly. I enjoyed and liked that the information there pretty much confirmed some of the conclusions I had already come to.

One of the things the Masters told Brian through Catherine was that we shouldn’t stay only with people who are of our own vibrational frequency, that we need to interact with those who are very different and be willing to share what we have learned with others. I don’t think they mean we are meant to go out and “witness” to others in the way I was taught to within the church I grew up in. I don’t think it is about being preachy, but simply about not hiding out and choosing only to talk with those about what you believe with others who already share similar beliefs. I think we are meant to go out and share openly and without fear what we have learned when it comes up in conversation. If we are too scared to share what we have learned with others for fear of what they will think of us, those seeds will never be planted that could have been.

For the most part, I have stuck with people who I know have a leaning towards the woo-woo side of life. I’ve tried to talk to my “normal” friends about some of this and the uncomfortableness becomes thick. It is like trying to play two square with someone only the other person never bounces the ball back and it just stops. Many of us who have had this experience learn to just not talk about “these things” with muggles because they just don’t get it and we go back to our closets and pretend to be like them and try to not mention it with them again. 

It was only recently when I ventured out on the request of my guides and started posting in a public arena with a large muggle audience. I was pretty worried people there would give me all kinds of grief and I braced myself for the response I might get. I was really surprised that no one tried to tear me apart or tell me that I was crazy.  I then remembered a dream I had had about leaving my tiny school for a huge university classroom and it dawned on me that I was actually now doing what my dream had showed me would happen.

Dream journal entry:

April 16, 2014 I went to Mari’s apartment and she had a roommate and she was discussing her landlord and what a dick he was about the rent. I was waiting for her to get ready. I think we had class…school of some sort but it was a small class not part of a college or anything…like trade school. Mari had this neighbor friend stop by…a blonde dude and he was 30ish, I think. And as we were all leaving the apartment together…I end up in his car with him and he is driving to his class that is actually part of a big university. I remember saying to him, “How did I wind up here? Mari and I were supposed be going to class together. I totally have no idea how I wound up here. I must have spaced. I hope she doesn’t worry about me.” There was a song he started singing to me. It was a Sarah McLachlan song and the title was The Path of Thorns. It was weird to me that a dude was singing a Sarah song. hahaha I remember thinking it was weird he was singing that song because I had just listened to that album recently.  It was the chorus that was being sung:

In the terms of endearment 
In the terms of the life that you love 
In the terms of the years that pass you by 
In the terms of the reasons why

Well he keeps driving and it feels like we were having a conversation or something…I don’t remember what about. We wind up at his very large classroom and I go in with him and wait with him feeling a little awkward like I don’t belong. I never went to a big college so it felt a little intimidating, but I stayed with him because I liked his company. I woke up before class started. 

Another thing that Brian’s book confirmed for me was that we all are both teacher and student…always. I don’t want to be anyone’s guru or go-to person. Shit man, I am still learning too and chances are pretty good you have just as much to teach me as I have to teach you. I never want to be someone who feels like I know it all and have nothing to learn from others. That is not what this experience is about. I have always believed that we are caterpillars and we are feeding on knowledge and experience. 

Lately I have had a voracious appetite for all things spiritual and metaphysical. Of course, one needs to also have discernment and listen to their own inner compass. Go inside and ask yourself, “How does this information feel?” There is a LOT I have read and discarded quickly. There is some that I believe most of and take what feels true and leave the bits that don’t resonate or feel complete.

It is easy to share what I have learned here where the audience is small and mostly confined to friends and others who already have a leaning in the same direction as I do spiritually speaking. The challenge is for me and all of you to step outside of our comfort zones and closets and live and speak our truth. I know the fear of ridicule all too well, but if we really want to call ourselves “light workers,” we have to actually start sharing our light in the darker and less safe places when an opportunity arises.

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