Me, Myself, and I

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_10438139_790912437622535_5773921015561821228_nMany have this idea of their bodies only ever containing one soul. They think of their “consciousness” being connected to a single soul. I was pondering who “I” and “me” really are in this experience. I started thinking about it because of a dream I had last night. In the dream I had moved into a new apartment but the people who had lived there before came back and didn’t want to leave. I was content to go back to my old apartment. I considered that the “apartment” reference could actually be reference to the body and the roles we play and I considered whether or not “I” and “me” would leave to the new body or if they would stay with original.

The conclusion I came to is that what we know of as “I” and “me” remains with the body. Our consciousness…awareness of “I” and “me” is actually connected to the human vessel. Even if the soul that drives the vehicle leaves and a new one takes over, we still feel pretty much the same “I” and “me”. The only way to get true release is to destroy the vehicle so that it is uninhabitable. The “I” and “me” is a computer-like program connected to the brain. “I” and “me” are the roles the body was placed here to perform. If the current soul driving my human vehicle leaves, “I” would still be here and she would be free but “I” would have no knowledge or awareness of her.

There could be multiple beings that come in and play the ROLE of that particular body. So on the other side there could be many beings who played that role. When you call up to talk to, let’s say Elvis, if there were multiple beings who performed that role, you could connect with any one of them. We are thinking in terms that the role as a single being and I think we are learning now that that just isn’t the case for many of us.

We become SO attached to the “I” and “me”.  I have heard some say they still want to be who they are right now on the other side. We have forgotten that the souls driving the vehicle are just playing a role. We are so much bigger than the current roles we are performing. Whichever soul leaves can call up the role whenever they wish even if someone else is now playing that role. Is that confusing? Think of the energy driving as a sky drive and the brain as a hard drive. But then you have a different being coming in and playing the role and there becomes another perfect sky drive copy of that role. Do you see where this is going?

How many versions of the Nutcracker have you seen with different actors playing the same roles? Each actor can say, “I performed this role” and it would be truth. Each would have a memory of playing that role and be able to call it up whenever they wish.

The character of Oktobre will remain until the body is uninhabitable and is written out of the script. This is just a role that those who want to experience it can. What becomes of the character on the other side? I honestly have no idea. I suspect all of the beings who have played this role can call her up and perform as her should they wish.

When you look at another person and you feel attached to them, ask yourself what it is you are attached to. Is it the character you are attached to or the current soul within? It could be either or it could be both. I think the idea of multiple beings playing a single role kind of changes one’s perspective about who the “person” really is in this life. When we “lose” someone be it to death or just a falling out, who or what are we actually mourning? Is our grieving just part of the role and written into the script to help us grow and feel something we may have not felt on the other side before? Is it the body and computer-like program we are attached to? I think it is worth looking at why we sometimes react so strongly to loss…to a point that it destroys our own roles in this giant play.

It is very possible that the people we love don’t have the original souls they started out with but we don’t mourn when that soul leaves and a new one comes in. It is definitely something to think about and consider.


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